Amor Provins

Manager, Social Innovation Hub at MacEwan University

Born and raised in Edmonton, Amor Provins is a multi-talented entrepreneur, product designer and community change-maker. She runs Hunt Amor, one of Alberta’s most recognized custom jewelry brands, known for its bold designs and minimalist approach. The 34-year-old spent ten years working in the social sector, focused on aiding homeless and at-risk youth, through rural, urban and international communities, including Australia. As one of the founding members of Apricity – a collective working to amplify the cause of others by raising awareness and funds for non-profits and an instrumental contributor in the creation of Timbre Studios, a co-working space open to designers, artists and other creatives, Amor continues to actively display social consciousness in her progressive business practices. Now, she’ll be adding that experience to good use as she leads MacEwan’s own Social Innovation Coworking Space, Roundhouse.

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