Colin Grant

Chief Revenue Officer for FigBytes

A native Scot now living in Invermere BC, Colin is a sustainability veteran.  He has developed award winning sustainability-focused innovations from “end of pipeline” land remediation systems to boardroom visualisation technology.  Colin’s pioneering work on land remediation technologies earned him the John Logie Baird Award for Innvotion and a position as the inaugural Entrepreur-in-Residence at Strathclyde University’s Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship in 2000/2001.  Colin has delivered talks including key-notes at sustainability conferences around the world and is known for cutting insights delivered with humour.

Colin is currently Chief Revenue Officer for FigBytes, where he helps companies, governments and non-profits around the world to match their deepest purpose and highest aspirations to their data and to help them to reach the essential goals for 2030 represented by the UN SDGs.

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