Fraser Reilly-King

Research and Policy Manager, Canadian Council for International Co-operation

Fraser is the Research and Policy Manager at the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC). CCIC is the umbrella organization for Canadian not-for profit organizations engaged in international development work. From 2014-15, CCIC was the national hub for the Beyond2015 campaign, with Fraser acting as the lead. Fraser currently sits on the Management Committee of the Reality of Aid Network as Vice-Chair, and was the North American representative to the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness from 2012-2014. He has written blogs on aid and development for the Ottawa Citizen and the Huffington Post. Prior to joining CCIC, Fraser worked for eight years at the Halifax Initiative Coalition (HI), doing research and advocacy on the International Financial Institutions and Export Credit Agencies. In a volunteer capacity, he has sat on the boards of the Canary Research Institute on Mining, Environment and Health and UNIFEM Canada. He has a Masters in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

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