Hussein Amery

Performance Measurement with Universalia Management Group| Practice Leader and Senior Advisor

Hussein Amery is Practice Leader and Senior Advisor, Performance Measurement with Universalia Management Group. Mr. Amery established a dedicated Performance Measurement Practice in his firm and serves as a Senior Consultant on assignments related to results based management (RBM), enhancing organizational and institutional performance, measuring the achievement of targets on projects and programs and developing capacity-building activities.  Mr. Amery is recognized as one of Canada’s leading project development, design and management professionals in international development, with substantial work experience in Asia, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Americas. Over the past twenty years, he has led and participated on dozens of large value international development projects totalling more than $150 million.


Since 2006 he has worked closely with Canadian Trade Commissioners, Global Affairs Canada, the Export Development Corporation, Private Sector Liaison Officers and Canadian representatives at IFIs to promote and support Canadians involvement with IFIs through the IFI Bootcamp series.

His current assignments include: Project Manager/ Evaluation Consultant, Mid-Term Review of the World Bank managed Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Middle East and North Africa;  Deputy Team Leader, Evaluation of IDRC’s Contribution to Leading Organizations; Project Manager, Evaluation of UNHCR’s Global Fleet Management; Team Leader, Analysis of Humber Polytechnic International Development Institute and Team Leader/ Strategic Planning Advisor, Design and Operationalization of Integrated Results Based Management System, Forum of Federations. Mr. Amery recently won a Standing Arrangement with Global Affairs Canada for the provision Monitoring Services in the Education and Skills Training.

Recently completed assignments include: Team Leader, External Evaluation of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Team Leader for the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Evaluation of the Medium Term Public Sector Reform Strategy in Dominica, Senior Advisor for the design of the Global Affairs Canada-supported Technological Platform for Public Sector Accountability in Nepal, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Consultant for the UKAID-supported Disability Catalyst Programme, Senior Training Advisor, Design and Delivery of International Development Training Modules, Islamic Development Bank Group and Senior Advisor to New Brunswick Community College International.

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