Lucenia Ortiz

Planner with Citizen Services, City of Edmonton

Lucenia Ortiz is a Planner with Citizen Services, City of Edmonton. Lucenia has a passion for immigrant issues that is rooted in her own experience as a newcomer in Canada in 1994 and led her to pursue her PhD in health equity within the context of multicultural communities.  She worked for more than a decade with the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op as Co-Executive Director and was involved in numerous initiatives with immigrants and refugees, including establishing the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition

As a planner with the City, Lucenia is involved in various strategic planning and development initiatives addressing a range of social issues.  Some of these include: the coordination of the Mayor’s Task Force for the Elimination of Poverty, development of the Clareview Multicultural Centre and co-design/facilitation of the Intercultural Competency Workshop Series for Citizen Services staff. In 2017, Lucenia with her  the project team were recognized with the City Manager’s Award of Excellence for stewarding the work of the Mayor’s task Force in developing the EndPovertyEdmonton Strategy and Road Map which was approved unanimously by City Council on December 2016.

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