Vincent Masterson

CAWST Instructional Designer | Research & Learning

Vincent Masterson joined CAWST in May 2014 as a Global Learning Advisor. Vincent has a B.Ed from Memorial University, and a B.A. in Communications from the University of Ottawa. Before making the transition to International Development, he was a geography, humanities, and media studies teacher in the Netherlands, the UK, and International Schools. He has previously worked for a public health program in South Sudan with the Malaria Consortium, worked with a Community Based Organization on the Thai-Myanmar border, and was an instructor in the Canadian Armed Forces. Since joining CAWST, Vincent has worked with clients and partners in Afghanistan, Haiti, Zambia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Kenya. With an in-depth understanding of CAWST’s clients and partners, Vincent is now focusing his work on developing innovative online and in-person micro-learning tools to enhance CAWST’s education and training materials.

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